Malaysia Airlines Domestic Golden Lounge KLIA

9 Jun 2018

Malaysia Airlines has recently completed renovation works on its lounges in KLIA, including the domestic Golden Lounge. 


I arrived at KLIA at 5PM, obtained my boarding pass from the check-in counter and proceeded to clear the domestic security checkpoint. Heading towards the domestic lounge (Hari Raya decorations were rather sparse):


Not that many people considering how close it is to Raya (the crowd should be more significant at KLIA2):

The lounge was on the way to my A6 gate which was nice:

Raya floral arrangements upon entry:

Revamped seating area near the entrance:

Refreshments and reading material:


I really like the addition of many long tables which are of sufficient height to eat and work on your laptop properly:

Availed myself to some tea and afternoon snacks:


Opted for the Nyonya Curry Laksa from the Noodle Bar:


Enjoyed my meal while watching a group of workers trying to fit a souped-up BMW into a 737 at Gate A2:

Liked the new furniture and arrangements, but the food offerings and quality left a lot to be desired.

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