Ambassador Transit Hotel T2 Changi

21 Dec 2017

Our flight from Beijing arrived on time but I had to wait unusually long for the stroller to be delivered. The kids, lacking sleep, were understandably grouchy:

Arriving in Terminal 3, we made haste and headed towards Terminal 2, grabbing some wifi codes along the way. After a fair bit of walking we arrived at the Ambassador Transit hotel, located on Level 3 of Terminal 2's Departure Transit area:

We were near the F gates from which our MH flight to Kuching would depart. After an irritating experience at check-in (was told I had one room at Terminal 3 and another in Terminal 2) and further delay we finally got our triple rooms:

The boys went to sleep straight away in their room. Mum attended to Diane and both soon dozed off in our room. I had a quick shower:

and went down to the transit counters to obtain our boarding passes for our MH flight (and to make sure of our baggage from SQ801). Bought some duty-free gifts for the folks back home and made my way back to the room for some rest. 


Woke everyone up before noon and had lunch at the food court right outside the hotel. The boys enjoyed their video games while I took Diane to the Sunflower Garden:

A good end to our Beidahu-Beijing trip.

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