BGS First Class Lounge PEK T3

20 Dec 2017

We left JW Marriott Beijing around 845PM and made our way to Beijing International Airport Terminal 3. We reached the airport in good time only to discover that access up the ramp to the departure drop off area was closed off. Some diplomat or big shot was arriving/departing so we were ushered to the public car park area.


Our driver kindly insisted on bringing us into the departure hall as he warned that we would probably get lost in the mammoth carpark complex. We appreciated him helping with the luggage as well and with his guidance we reached the check-in counters for SQ soon enough:

Bade farewell to our driver, went through the motions relatively painlessly then walked all the way to the wrong gate/area for the lounge as I misheard the check-in agent (it was Gate 19 instead of Gate 9 which my son pointed out before we made the trek towards the wrong direction but I brushed him off).


It was a fair trek back to Gate 19 and then to Gate 7 which was our departure gate for the night. Would have loved to say the lounge was worth the trek but it is not. Should have just waited at a Starbucks near Gate 7. 


Water feature at the entrance to the first class section: 

The tiny lounge:

Wifi password kiosk was not working, had to use the one at the business class section of the lounge:

The massage chairs have surely seen better days:

Took a look at the food and beverage offerings and settled on a cup noodle (it was that bad):

Boarding announcement was made with an agent walking into the lounge with a signage showing our flight details so off we went.

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