Singapore Airlines First Class SIN-PEK

11 Dec 2017

SQ was our carrier of choice for the kids' first trip to China. This meant a 12-hour layover in Singapore. We were willing to endure this rather than fly MH.


We arrived at Changi Terminal 2 from KCH and waited for my eldest son to arrive from KUL before heading towards Terminal 3 for lunch at Dian Xiao Er:

We checked-in and dropped off our luggage:

before heading towards the city to catch a movie and some strolling around. Was planning to bring the kids to see the Christmas edition of the Supertrees Lightshow but it was raining so we returned to the airport early instead.


We went through immigration in a breeze and presented our BPs and Private Room invitations to the attendant at the SilverKris lounge entrance. She told us while The Private Room has a strict no-guest policy, our entire family can stay together in the First Class section of the lounge. 

We had our dinner in the buffet area and sent the kids off to have their shower when done eating. There was precious little to do after that except surfing on our phones/tablets/Macbooks. The wife brought our daughter for a nap in TPR's family room while I stayed outside with the boys.


Popped into TPR once in a while:

As we approached midnight the long day took its toll:

Woke everyone up when boarding was announced on the screen and after a long walk we finally boarded SQ800. Changed into my pyjamas immediately and got ready to sleep:

Major disappointment with the old seats, especially in J:

My BTC Nasi Lemak upon arrival (really below average):

Arrived in Beijing on schedule:

While the old cabins were disappointing, arriving in PEK on time to catch our onwards domestic flight was of paramount importance. For that, SQ800 proved to be perfect.


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