Malaysia Airlines Economy Class SIN-KCH

23 May 2017

We hired a MPV taxi through JW Marriott Hotel Singapore to bring us to Changi Terminal 2, stopping at the Intercontinental to pick up my parents and their luggage. Checked everyone in, dropped my parents off at the SATS lounge while we went shopping. Before long we boarded the plane, my parents were in J while we were in Row 7 of cattle class:

It was hot and stuffy prior to take-off. No amount of coaxing these babies could cool things down:

The minute we were able to the wife and I changed our seats and went towards the rear of the plane:

with space aplenty:

Our gourmet meal:

Take me home MH:

Landed on schedule and within an hour I was back in the office. That's how small Kuching is.

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