Singapore Airlines First Class SIN-HKG

17 Mar 2017

After a long spell in the Private Room we made our way towards our gate at 5:45PM, around 45 minutes prior to our scheduled departure. 


Boarding had already commenced and we were soon settled into our Row 1 middle pair seats with the usual pre-departure beverage:

Empty Seat 1F to my right (load was 5/8):

This was the classy inhabitant of Seat 1A (who was FaceTiming and giggling loudly both in the Private Room earlier and onboard before takeoff):

We were glad he was not on our HKG-SFO flight.


After a few glasses of Krug I forgot how much food I had already consumed in TPR and got ready for dinner:

Too much dressing on the salad. The excellent FA noticed my hardly-touched greens and quickly replaced it after asking me what was wrong:

I totally forgot I had BTC a wagyu steak. It was bad:

Watched a few episodes of the hilarious Fresh Off the Boat series before dozing off.


After a short 3h 15m flight the wife woke me up with a heavy punch to the left shoulder and I saw this on my screen:


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