Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

26 Jan 2017

After Disney Springs the focus shifted to my two elder boys, Daniel and Dawson. Both of them had been groaning (silently like good sports) as we made our way through Magic Kingdom, Cinderella's castle, Frozen etc. 

Everyone was wearing newly bought flip-flops because Roberta told us we were going to get very wet during our last ride.

These two parks do not really cater to the younger ones:

Clowning around near the park entrance:

Great weather yet again:

We made our way towards the parks:

Theming was excellent:

Roberta took Daniel and Dawson on a few roller coaster rides before all of us boarded the Hogwarts express train:

The nauseous gets taunted:

Caricature drawings of the kids:

The DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future:

Lunch was at Hard Rock Cafe:

Then it was back to the rides:

Crowd was decent but we had express tickets to all the rides so virtually no waiting in line:




Great day out for the boys.


NEXT: SeaWorld Orlando

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