Disney's Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

24 Jan 2017

After Epcot under my lead it was good to have Roberta back again to handle Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom the next day:

We were blessed with terrific weather:

We met Olaf:

Did Star Tours:

Next was The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror:

The younger two found the previous ride a bit rough so we split up again with Roberta taking Daniel and Dawson:

while Nathan & Diane went with us to the Frozen Sing-Along:

and other less stressful activities:

The weather stayed gorgeous the entire morning:

Lunch was at the Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre Restaurant:

After lunch we headed towards Animal Kingdom in Roberta's car:

Dawson hurt his leg and was in constant need of assistance the entire trip:

Both Nathan and Diane got along well with Roberta:

as we strolled towards the Tree of Life:

Boarded the safari and after a few shots told Daniel to video the entire ride while I relaxed and put the big camera down:

The safari ride took around 20 minutes and was very well done. The variety of animals on display was impressive.


Our day ended with the Festival of the Lion King:

Roberta showed us how Diane could be picked to be part of the show at the end:

It was another great day out for everyone.


NEXT: Disney Springs

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