The Pier First Class Lounge HKG

17 Jan 2017

Our KUL-HKG flight landed on time and we disembarked at Gate 20 something. Made the trek towards the Pier which took us around 15-20 minutes including security clearance. After security we went up one level and exited near the Bridge lounge. It's amazing how many great lounges HKG has. Went towards Gate 63 and pretty soon, we saw this welcoming sight:

Descending into one of the best lounges (if not the best) in the world:

Told the kids to practice their best smiles:

before Papa went up to the lounge dragons and politely asked whether it was possible to have our entire family of six stay together (we only had access for 4 people based on our 2F tickets). 


One of them checked the system and exclaimed in Cantonese I had plenty of miles. The senior lounge dragon immediately offered to let my daughter in for free but asked whether she could deduct some miles for the remaining child's entry. I said sure and with that, all 6 of us were granted access:

The Pier F lounge's hallway is really nice. I loved the hallway's luxurious thick carpeting the most, it really feels great to walk through this area as you visit the different zones:

The often pictured squiggly sofa might look good but wasn't too comfortable to sit in.


Parked the 3 boys at a row of seats near the horseshoe bar before going off to secure a Day Suite/Nap Room for the wife and our daughter who were both feeling the effects of the 330AM start to the day.

Nice views:

No one was interested though:

With the ladies settled, I headed back to the bar and the boys, making a booking for a foot massage as I was leaving the Day Suites area  (the wait time was close to 3 hours!!!) It was here I was approached by one of the earlier lounge dragons. As I suspected, they made a mistake and thought I was an elite Marco Polo Club member (must be due to the healthy miles balance) during entry. Actually only Diamond members can redeem lounge access but they said they will make an exception this time (pretty hard to get 2 of my kids to leave now lol). In the end, they deducted 9,000 Asia Miles as "business class lounge redemption".


After all the hard work it was time for a drink (or three):

Chivas Regal + Coke + nuts + foot massage buzzer + charging ports = temporary bliss

The boys were busy raiding the Pantry near the horseshoe bar. I'm certain between the 3 of them they ate half the food on display:

The Pantry and free wifi managed to keep all 3 boys in check for a while. Sent them off for a shower before having one myself:

Shortly thereafter the boys declared they were hungry again (??) so we made our way to the Dining Room area with around 2 hours left before our flight. Waltzed in and requested seating for 6 (feeling like a boss). Could feel the stares from occupied tables (mostly single travellers with a few couples here and there).


Menu was presented promptly:

Duck leg salad:

Sweet corn soup with fish maw:

Spaghetti ala Trapanese:

Angus beef burger x2:

We also tried the wok-fried duo of clams, two wonton noodles, the crème brûlée, seasonal fruits and ice-cream to finish things off:

My foot massage buzzer went off towards the end of our meal and I went for my complimentary massage (decided on a head & shoulders massage in the end). The rest of the gang finished dinner with 30 minutes' to spare to make it all the way to Gate 3 for our final flight.


The wife gave her tacit approval to the lounge when I caught her snapping some last shots of the beautiful hallway on our way out. Hehehehe. Enough said.


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