Malaysia Airlines Business Class KCH-KUL

17 Jan 2017

Our family trip to the US started early (read intro here). Woke up at 330AM to make sure the kids were ready to catch our 545AM flight to KL. My wife and I together with my two sons and daughter will meet up with Daniel, my eldest son at KLIA before re-checking in our luggage to JFK with CX. I've had enough bad experiences with MH to not check through our luggage in KCH even though it's possible. 


Upon reaching KCH airport we realised we forgot a sweater and stroller so had to wait for around 20 minutes for the items to be delivered to us. Only possible in Kuching as the distance from our home to the airport is 10 minutes (in early morning traffic). 


Used MHUpgrade to get the whole gang into business class:

We had no time to have breakfast in the lounge and were the last passengers to board the plane (loved the retro livery):

 Onboard nasi lemak breakfast:

The kids were groggy but excited:

Flipped through the January 2017 issue of MH's Going Places. New CEO foreword mentions that MH will deploy their A330 with the new J seats for KUL-HKG sector. Other snap purely for decorative purposes:

Landed in KLIA ahead of schedule. This must be the first time in years my MH flight arrived early. 


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