21 Feb 2015

Departed Prague with our driver around 6AM. The Northern Lights/Glass igloo and Auschwitz were this trip's draw for me. Wanted to make sure we arrived early which we did. 

Got there 30 minutes before our start-time and still nearly missed the tour due to poor organisation of the queues and total lack of information to visitors who were mostly loitering aimlessly around the entrance. 


The tour itself did feel rushed, the bus to Birkenau left 10 minutes early without waiting for us and was equally keen to whisk the group off back to Auschwitz 1 after touring Birkenau.


The guide while informative did seem to hurry us along and commentary over the headphones does not coincide with what you are seeing unless you keep close to said guide at all times.


That said, everyone should visit this place. No words can describe the emotions you feel as you see the actual site where all the atrocities were committed. 


Am glad we've ticked this off the list.

There is Auschwitz, and so there cannot be God - Primo Levi


NEXT: Kraków

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