Legoland Malaysia Hotel Kingdom Themed Suite

21 Oct 2014

We got the 2-day combo tickets for Legoland Theme & Water Parks together with the room booking to enjoy a discounted rate. The hotel is a great base to visit Legoland as it's right next door and you get earlier access at 9:30am instead of 10am.


I still think that theme parks like Legoland and Universal Studios do not work well in the tropical climates of Malaysia and Singapore. The only exception for obvious reasons will be water-based theme parks or somewhere cooler like Genting Highlands. Staying at Legoland Hotel provided some respite as you can go back to shower, rest and freshen up before venturing out in the stifling heat again. Which was exactly what we did.


Check-in can be a harrowing experience for the uninitiated:

I chuckled at the obvious first-timers when their kids go berserk upon entering the hotel: is great for the kids and Lego lovers. Theming was extensive and very nicely done:

The disco themed elevators were a hit with the kids as expected.:

So was the nicely themed Kingdom suite on the highest floor of the hotel, the kids absolutely loved it:

View of the theme parks from our room:

My thoughts on the waterpark:

Build-A-Raft River - you are supposed to design and build your own LEGO raft and float around the lazy river which is scattered with LEGO pieces. You can't really build much on the float and the kids' got bored very quickly, preferring to chuck the LEGO pieces around which does hurt.

Joker Soaker - interactive playground which for me was the centrepiece of the park. Kids aged 4 and above should be able to play here with minimal supervision by parents (there are plenty of "lifeguards" around to keep watch)

LEGO Wave Pool - very mild waves, my kids got bored quite quickly.

Splash "N" Swirl - I got dizzy, the kids didn't seem to mind

Wave Rider - quite fun sliding down the blue (open) and green (closed) tubes. The green tube has tiny lights along the way helping give sense of direction and alleviate claustrophobia

Red Rush - Family tube slide was fun but the machine automating the ascent of the tubes was jamming quite frequently. Not a very good sign given the place is not even one month old.

Slide Racer - Older kids will like this, younger ones will tire easily from climbing the stairs to the top

Cabana rental - We rented a cabana facing the Joker Soaker as our base. You get four chairs, a mini fridge with soft drinks and water, mounted ceiling fan, wifi access and two towels for RM300. Expensive, yes but I think the cabana will be well worth it if the park is crowded, especially during school holidays. We ordered snacks from the cabana and they will deliver it to you. 


I would rate the water park average at best if compared to Sunway Lagoon or Singapore's Adventure Cove. It feels like just a side attraction to the theme park but it is big enough to warrant a full day. We were done quite fast as there were not a lot of people during our visit.

Kids, this is how you spent my money during your childhood, buying things you lost interest in 2 weeks after the trip.

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